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    Got myself and my husband the pink edition (I forced him to get one with me haha!). We sat down and started filling this out after the kids were asleep...we were rolling laughing at our different interpretation of some of the questions. It was such a fun way to get to know someone in new ways. Some answers we decided to keep to really does help you sit back and DIG into you. We look forward to our next night of writing in these.

    Purchased 3 of these for my best friends as well as myself when I saw it on TikTok. Once I started writing, I couldn't stop. Answering some of these questions made me relive my traumatic past. Some of my most deep secrets are in this book which I can't wait to burn when I complete it! The girls and I are going to have a girl's night with wine and burn books together! :)

    I always sucked at journaling. I need to be prompted to talk about myself and thatā€™s exactly what this journal does. It gives you the prompt with just enough space underneath to rant, which is super effective for me because I rage-right. TikTok made me buy it but Iā€™m glad I did because itā€™s actually working for me! I have a simple space to journal, and while some of the prompts can feel a bit redundant, theyā€™re all fun and several of them are challenging. For a little pink burn book, it does help you get to know yourself. Highly recommend it

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